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Emily Allen – Pottery
Randy Becker – Woodfire/High-fire Pottery
Tim Carlburg – Ceramic Flasks & Growlers
Bob Cass – Pottery
Sarah Dargan – Black Forest Pottery
Fuminori Deguchi – Japanese Pottery/Sculpture
Julie Engler – Coil Pottery
Lisa Ernst – Pottery
Robert K. ‘Irish’ Flynn  - Pottery
Earthstone Pottery –  Primitive Decorative Pottery
Free Ceramics – Low-Fire Funky Functional Pottery
Tom Gilfillan - Pottery
Perry Haas – Wood Fired Pottery
Tom Jaszczak – Pottery
Megan Mitchell – Asian inspired functional ceramics
Courtney Murphy – Pottery
Norby Studios – Porcelain Functional Pottery
Lorraine Olderman – Pottery
Larry Phan – Woodfired Pottery
Justin Reihl – Asian inspired functional Pottery
Stephanie Sanders – Pottery
Stephanie Seguin – Pottery/Sculpture
Mark Sherman – Raku Porcelain Pottery
David Smith – Wood-fired Pottery
Lauren Smith – Functional pottery
Brendan Stewart – Soda/Salt Pottery
Kazu Taguchi – Japanese Pottery
Shalene Valenzuela – Retro Painted Sculptures
Eric VanSickle – Functional Pottery
Walkerware – Hand Painted functional Pottery
Michelle Wang – Tangible Soul Pottery; functional wood-fired pottery
Janet Whaley - Pottery
Tara Wilson – Wood-fired Pottery
Kazutoshi Yamaguchi – Japanese Pottery

Shane Conner – Wildlife Photography    
Tim DePuydt – Nature/Wildlife Photography
Eric Fellegy - Photography
Dean Miller – Photography
Montana Wildlife Images – Wildlife Photography: framed, giclee, & metal
Pete Ramberg – Landscape photography: unframed, framed, & metal

Barbara Candelaria – Original Watercolors & Prints
Jack Dykstra – Original Watercolors
Charles Fritz - Scenic Oil Paintings, Metal Prints
George Garrity – GNP Original Paintings
Jessica Glenn – Watercolor Originals & Prints
Carol Hagan – Giclee & Metal Prints with hand painted highlights
Linda Katsuda – Original Oils
Peter Moore – Painter; North Fork Landscapes
Stephanie Barrett Pointer – Oil & Watercolor Paintings
Elizabeth Sullivan – Miniature Canvas Paintings

Susan Hedstrand – Etchings

Steve Eckles – CD’s
Heather Candles – Handmade Candles
Serendip Handmade Jewelry
Susan Kendricks/Barley Seed Woodcraft – Handmade Spoons

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