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Welcome to

Whitefish Pottery & Stillwater Gallery

Whitefish Pottery

“Back Where it All Started”

Fine Art Pottery, now located just 6 miles west of Whitefish 

STUDIO: 355 Twin Bridges Rd., Whitefish, MT 59937

(Hwy. 93, 5 miles west of WF, Turn on Twin Bridges Rd.)

Hello everyone, and welcome to Whitefish Pottery!


I had been spending time gearing up for another successful summer season out here at the pottery. There were even rumors of bringing back the Whitefish Pottery Anniversary Party when the Grim Reaper came knocking and tried to take my pottery hands away a little too early.


For those of you who don’t know, on February 6, 2024, I suffered a massive, aortic blowout of my heart. The only problem was, my three dogs who are already on the other side said., “No, no, no” (must’ve been watching a doggie version of an Amy Winehouse video) it’s not your time yet Tom. Mya, and your new puppy Soku still need you.


It’s been a long, slow, uphill climb as many of you may know, but Whitefish Pottery will be open this spring once again! There won’t be as much handmade pottery from myself, as you can understand. As such, I have reached out to many of my pottery friends and have asked them to help me fill the little pottery sales room out here on Twin Bridges Road. I’m hoping once again to be open by mid May(?). Please no phone calls until the end of April.


Please remember these few things:

  • Please try to call ahead. ATT works but Verizon does not. If you have Verizon, call from town or the highway before you get here.

  • I do not have to be here for you to make a purchase. There are directions plainly laid out in the showroom.

  • Please drive slow when arriving as Mya and Soku may be running up to greet you. They are barkers, but are very friendly, and all they want you to do is throw the ball. The dogs are NOT allowed in the showroom.

  • Credit cards if needed, cash appreciated.


Thank you once again for your support of Whitefish Pottery. Let’s all have a great, but just a little slower, summer season of Whitefish Pottery.!

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